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Monday, February 13, 2006

School Bans Pig Stories

I wish this was a parody, but sadly, it's true. A West Yorkshire School has banned fictitious stories about pigs "in case they offend Muslim children"

Come again? The same Headmistress would think nothing of forcing an English schoolchild to read fictious works other cultures, but the same doesn't hold true for Muslim students?

Banning classic works of literature from a classroom in the name of tolerance offends me, and, no doubt, offends some of the non-Muslim parents as well. Depriving children from classics of literature such as "Charlotte's Web", a story celebrating an unlikely friendship, Winnie the Pooh tales, etc hinders their literary and intellectual growth.

Respect for other cultures is a two way street. Those children are living in a Western culture, they need to be taught Western traditions, not sheltered from them.


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